Weight Management

Dr Barreto has chosen to offer her MDVIP Patients a choice of Natural and Medical Weight Management programs that have helped so many of our patients lose weight in a safe, affordable, and effective way.

We have designed these programs for patients who have been unsuccessful at achieving and maintaining an ideal body weight despite attempts on their own. It is essential that you understand that our Medical Weight management program combines the use of medication with lifestyle changes.

Programs include Natural Fit4Me supplements, FDA approved medication therapies and alternative approaches. This has increased patient accountability and made our program one of the most successful in the community.

If you have a few extra pounds that simply will not go away or if you have packed on the pounds year after year and now have fatigue, back pain, high sugars, or high blood pressure, our Medical Weight management programs are for you!



Dr. Barreto’s weight loss program has enhanced my life far beyond expectations. With her professional knowledge, positive attitude and caring bedside manner, I have been able to lose 85 pounds. With Dr. Barreto’s continued support, I plan to lose another 50 pounds. Five of my friends were so impressed with my positive results that they too became patients of Dr. Barreto’s and combined, the six of us have lost more than 275 pounds. I am now able to move more freely, exercise on a regular basis and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend Dr. Barreto and her weight loss program.

Jami V. ,

I have lost 63 pounds in the last 10 months and have been able to keep it off. I am more conscientious of what I eat but don’t have to deprive myself either. I went from a women’s size 18 to a size 10. I am thrilled to look better but I am more ecstatic about how great I feel. I can run and play with my 3 small children. I have eliminated all my lower back pain. I am so excited about my new lifestyle!

Angela G. ,

Over a 6 month period I lost 40 lbs. I have battled weight gain for years and by far this was the fastest, easiest and most healthy diet I have ever tried. I feel so much better about myself. I don’t have near the problems breathing that I used to either. I still have more weight I need to get off but I know that with the help of hCG and Dr. Barreto I am going to get there. The staff is extremely supportive and always there when I need them to give me the coaching I need to become a healthier me. I have learned that weight loss is a lifestyle change. Thank you Dr. Barreto for showing me the way.

Randy N. ,

I have gone from 247 to 166 in 5 months and I am still going. Dr. Barreto and her staff were AWESOME and explained the system as well as kept me on track throughout the diet. The medical hCG truly keeps you from being hungry and the diet being a “sedentary” diet means you do not have to do the stair stepper for 3 hours a day to get results. This diet will give amazing results simply by following the protocol. I would recommend Dr. Barreto and her medical hCG program to anyone with the will to lose weight!

Jason W. ,

I was skeptical at first when I was told I would be eating only 800 calories a day, but to my surprise I was never hungry while on medical hCG. I feel so energized and reborn. I’m a completely different person inside and out. The best part was attending my 20 year high school reunion and being told that I look as good as I did 20 years ago. What a great feeling! The medical hCG program really worked and it was so easy to follow, the pounds and inches literally just melted off! I love medical hCG weight loss!!

Bonnie B. ,

I feel great!!! My weight is now under control and while on the maintenance diet I am still continuing to lose. I am now down from 242 to 178.5! My blood pressure is running 102/68, and for the first time in my life I am now coming off of medication instead of being put on more medication. I have been taken off metformin and protonix. Without struggling I am eating about 1200-1400 calories a day. I can finally say that I am eating to live instead of living to eat. Finally, I learned the proper way to eat. Thank you Dr. Barreto!!

Robert L. ,

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