Lab Services

Lab services are available on-site at Barreto Health Care for our patient's convenience. Our lab is staffed with trained lab personnel who provide quality collection service and we work with most lab diagnostic companies for patient billing. In addition to conventional lab tests we offer our clients specialized tests such as Comprehensive Cleveland Heart Lab Panels,  Anti Aging (Male & Female) panels, Spectracell Micronutrient panel, ALCAT Food Sensitivity/Allergy panel, MTHFR Gene Testing and 4 Point Salivary Cortisol Panel.

Depending on the test performed, the majority of tests are completed and reported to your provider within 24 hours of testing. However, the results of certain tests may take several days to weeks to return.

Your test results will be explained by your provider only, in the context of your medical history, physical examination and other test results.

Following is the list of CLIA Waived, onsite tests offered at our clinic:

• Phlebotomy

• Urinalysis

• HbA1c Diabetes Testing

• H. Pylori Urea Breath Testing

• Rapid Tests for strep, mono, flu…etc

• Screening tests for Colon Cancer

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