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Welcome to our Clinic! At Oklahoma Integrative Medicine we diagnose and treat the “sick” patient, but go a step further and focus on the complete health and well-being of all our patients. Our providers deliver a full range of Primary Care services to over 4,000 patients in and around Oklahoma City. Prevention of disease is as important a focus in our medical approach, as is the accurate diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Oklahoma Integrative Medicine strives to provide high quality preventive and curative care using a balance of traditional and alternative natural medical therapies to a wide variety of clients for obesity, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and many other medical conditions.

Oklahoma Integrative Medicine has adopted the Cleveland Clinic SHARED-CARE approach to Primary Care since 2016 which has been proven to improve Preventive Health Care delivery. In this team care model, our Providers use a higher level of clinical staff involvement in the office visit.

1. The clinical staff proactively plan the scheduled Office Visit with PRE-VISIT planning and PRE-VISIT lab tests under Provider Supervision.

2. The clinical staff use expanded rooming protocols designed by the Provider while taking symptom history and reconciling medications.

3. The clinical staff share the responsibility of Patient Education, Instruction, and Clinical Order Execution with the Provider.

Our Providers perform the functions and medical decision making that ONLY they are qualified to do, while other simple tasks are delegated to well trained clinical assistants. This inter-professional approach has allowed our clinic to improve patient access, reduce waiting times, and uniquely provide a multitude of preventive services at one appointment.

We accept all major insurances and also work with uninsured patients to provide affordable care. We look forward to being of service to you.



Thank you Dr. Barreto for taking the time to explain what was going on with my health concerns and coming up with a treatment plan I can understand.

Amy C. ,

Just left the Clinic and I am feeling good about the choice I made to make Dr. Barreto my Primary Care Doctor. Her team makes me feel welcome and part of the family.

Patty P. ,

Dr. Barreto is the most amazing doctor. She really takes the time to explain things to her patients and has such a caring nature about her.

Richard J. ,

Shout out to the Oklahoma Integrative Medicine team for going above and beyond to meet my expectations. You really do provide exceptional care.

Barbara D. ,

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