Pain Management

We are an innovative Integrative Medicine Clinic offering our patients a multi-disciplinary approach to their care. Whether it be back pain, headaches or anything in between, our providers will help you reduce, relieve and manage your pain so you can get back to the things in life that matter most.

Our pain management providers strive to deliver the most advanced therapeutic services to our patients while restoring function and relieving pain. They only prescribe narcotics if medically necessary, and after an in-depth exploration of all options. Patients are given a thorough evaluation to determine the source of their pain, and medically-responsible treatment plans are tailored to each patient. Should medication be prescribed, patients are educated on its use and are required to agree to strict guidelines. We uniquely encourage our patients to look after their general health as pertains to their chronic pain.

In addition to using cutting edge interventional pain treatments to help our patients manage their pain, Oklahoma Integrative Medicine also believes in using what’s known as integrative pain treatments. Our integrative treatments offer a therapeutic approach that can be paired with natural injections of FDA approved arnica botanical extracts such as Traumeel and Zeel, medications and other treatments to relieve symptoms of chronic pain. We offer the novel Low Dose Naltrexone(LDN) therapeutic approach for our patients struggling with Fibromyalgia and auto-immune conditions.

If you are experiencing chronic pain, call today to make an appointment.  Our team will work with you to determine the source of your pain and develop the best treatment plan for you.

Additional Services Offered:

• On-site substance abuse counseling

• Behavioral Modification Group visits



Thanks to the team at Oklahoma Integrative Medicine I have been able to return to work. I have been living with chronic pain and depression. The Doctor has helped me not only manage my pain but I am now living a normal life.

Jill H. ,

Exceptional and caring providers that have helped me continue my life style dealing with chronic pain in my back and knees. The clinic is very well run with very good and caring staff.

Barbara B. ,

I want to thank the entire staff of Oklahoma Integrative Medicine for finally helping me to manage my chronic pain from arthritis. I am now able to enjoy my life again.

Angie D. ,

It is comforting to find a clinic that I can go to that is run well and has caring staff. My pain has caused me depression. I can control my pain and depression with the treatment plan that has been provided. Very knowledgeable Doctor and staff.

Alex T. ,

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