Bio Identical Hormones

"An Incredible Bio Identical Hormone Replacement program for anyone who wants to feel great, have more energy, vitality and all the physical and mental health to live life with passion and abundance!”

What Makes Us Different?

Angelique Barreto MD is a Board Certified expert in the field of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). She has helped many patients achieve a better quality of life through a private, personalized, medically approved and supervised HRT program.

We treat the causes and symptoms! Unlike other retail Hormone Replacement Therapy clinics that only treat the symptoms with simply replacing low hormones, we treat the causes as well as the symptoms. Dr Barreto is dedicated to improving your quality of life by addressing hormone deficiency through a comprehensive wellness approach in addition to supervising your hormone replacement.



I was starting to feel and look older than my true age and I didn’t like it. Dr. Barreto gave me a new sense of self with fresh new energy. I feel 10 years younger and I am excited about the future.

Betty B. ,

Who knew that my hormones being out of balance were affecting my sleep! Dr. Barreto fixed my problem and now I am sleeping like I did when I was a teenager.

Jim R. ,

I had unexplained weight gain over the past year that was becoming depressing. No one would take the time to find out why it was happening. My doctor and her team really looked in to my concerns and lab results to find out what was going on. Now I am on a plan that includes supplements and exercise and I can see the results I have been looking for.

Debbie D. ,

When I explained to my doctor that I was exhausted all the time and couldn’t seem to find a solution to my fatigue, she took a special interest in me and ordered a comprehensive hormone panel. She really listened to my concerns and now we have my hormones on track and I feel amazing!

Stephanie P. ,

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