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Welcome to Oklahoma Integrative Medicine

We are an innovative Integrative Medicine Clinic with a mission to offer our patients and community excellent Primary Care integrated with the latest Anti Aging & Regenerative Medical therapies, Medical Weight Management plans, and Pain Management services. We also partner with major pharmaceutical companies to bring to Oklahoma residents the opportunity to take part in cutting-edge Research & Clinical Trials.

We believe that our role in the community is not just to diagnose and treat the "sick" patient, but to go a step further and focus on the complete health and well-being of all our patients. Prevention of disease is our focus in primary care, alongside treatment of the disease.

Our Medical Weight Management and Anti-Aging & Wellness programs have helped people just like you reach their ideal body weight, balance their hormones and maintain better health. All our programs have been developed and supervised by a Board Certified MD Physician with 25 years of experience in traditional medicine who also has an avid interest in offering patients the latest options for their health.



Angelique Barreto MD., MSc, ABAARM is Board Certified in Family Medicine and Geriatric Medicine with 25 years of medical experience. She is also Board Certified and a Fellow of the A4M American Academy of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Barreto is a professional member of the American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, American Academy of Family Practice and American Society of Bariatric Physicians. Dr. Barreto has been the Primary Investigator on several national and international medical research trials in arthritis and weight management. Her work has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Cytokine and Journal of Orthopedics. Dr. Barreto applies a balanced approach in her practice, incorporating both traditional medicine and evidence–based safe, alternative therapies where appropriate.

Angelique Barreto MD, MSc, ABAARM

Alexandra B. Broussard MSN., APRN, CNP is Board Certified in Family Practice with the ANCC. She has over 7 years of experience in Primary Care. Alexandra has been a nurse practitioner since 2015 and enjoys the Integrative Approach to practicing medicine. Alexandra has a special interest in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement therapy for men and women. Building on her past experience in spine care, Alexandra has completed Musculoskeletal Ultrasound training and provides Ultrasound guided pain-relieving interventions in our clinic. She has considerable experience in Sleep Medicine and works with many patients who have sleep apnea to achieve their sleep goals and gain a good quality of life again.

Alexandra B Broussard MSN, APRN, CNP

Michelle L Johnston MSN., APRN, CNP is Board Certified in Family Practice with the ANCC. Michelle has over 28 years of medical experience in Primary Care and has been a nurse practitioner since 2008. Michelle is a member of the Obesity Medicine Association and leads our Weight Management program utilizing an Integrative Medicine approach to treating patients struggling with their weight. Michelle has a special interest in Medical Pain Management having completed courses with the American Academy of Pain Medicine and American Pain Society to further her knowledge in pain management treatment and modalities.

Michelle L Johnston MSN, APRN, CNP

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